Welcome in Vanessa Stefaniuk's portfolio: I'm an animator of traditional & digital methods who loves to draw!


name: Vanessa Stefaniuk

birthdate: February 22nd, 1988

nationality: Canadian

location: Mississauga, ON

contact: quietsnooze at gmail dot com

I'm a recent Sheridan College BAA Animation graduate. I currently work in mobile gaming art and animation. My influences range drastically from 90's cartoons to Pixar concept art to comics and illustrative works. I'm fascinated by the process of animation, and absolutely adore telling a good story; therefore I aspire to work in either story or animation fields in the future.

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I hope you enjoy my work, and that it speaks for me.


Demo Reel April 2011
Graduate Film: Fair Winds
Undergraduate Film: Sun Day
Helmet's Too Big
24 Hour Film: Fail-y Tales
Halloween Firefighter
'Hugging' Muzzle Sync
'Lost Muse' Expression Change

Character Design

Casual Conversation
Just Phoo
Art Jam: Manselves
DnD: Team Fierce
Suds Stretches
Dare: C'mere
Ink: Paranoia

"Hiccups" Project

Child Sidney
Toddler Leana
Toddler Imogen
Toddler Esperanza
Teen Hela
Teen Cynthia
Teen Zu
Teen James
Child Mariana
Teen Ashton
Child Holly
Teen Nero
Adult Aaron and Taig
Adult Ranza
Adult Hela
Teen Sidney

Comics and Storyboarding

Pokemon Comic pg 1
Pokemon Comic pg 2
Pokemon Comic pg 3
Pokemon Comic pg 4
Pokemon Comic pg 5
Pokemon Comic pg 6
Pokemon Comic pg 7
Pokemon Comic pg 8
'Ritual Dance' Story Reel


Heavy Phoo
Medic Phoo
Phoo Scout
Demo Phoo
Phoo Sniper
Soldier Phoo
Spy Phoo
Engineer Phoo
Phoo Pyro
Criminal Minds
Woken from his nao
Pokemon: Lisabet and team
Pyro Phoo 2
Subeta: Ink
Pokemon: Lisabet's Team Portraits
Firefly Ladies
221B Baker Street buddies
GLaDOS sizing up Chell


TF2: Happy Health Robot
TF2: Dispenser Plushies
TF2: Sapped Dispenser
TF2: Pyro Plushie


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Vanessa Stefaniuk

quietsnooze [at] gmail [dot] com